A Beginning

by Srikanth Mantravadi

I was browsing the internet today,as usual, and suddenly out of the blue I was struck with this idea-Why not start my own blog and do my own thing?But I was also skeptical since I had enthusiastically started one before in blogspot only to let it gather dust.I typed the url of my old blog and voila it was still functioning!!!I made my way to the blogspot website and then tried as I could I couldn’t remember my old username and password.After all it was probably 3 years ago.In those three years a lot has changed.I’m now a music(read hindi) buff and an even more voracious reader of mysteries.So here I came to wordpress to begin a blog on music,musings et al…

Lets get started !!!!

PS:This may sound cliched.Nevertheless I say it,your ideas,views and criticism(even the harshest,avoid abuse) are all welcome.