Dev D-Amit Trivedi

by Srikanth Mantravadi

The first thing you notice as soon as you get your hands on the CD are the humongous number of tracks in the OST.Amit Trivedi for the uninitiated was a relatively less known musician who composed ad jingles and commercials shot into national consciousness(Ok I’m hyping it here) with his debut in Aamir.Aamir was more a theme album with outlandish and extraordinary sounds.Here in Dev D Amit Trivedi gets commercial yet retains his identity as an exciting talent who is redefining the borders of hindi music.Lets get down with the review…

Ankh Micholi is sung by Amit himself in a grungy way that will appeal to rock lovers while Dhol Yaara Dhol(Kshitij,Shilpa Rao) is a folk song with a Rajasthani tinge to it.The Dev Chanda themes are extremely good,especially theme II which has a haunting sound to it with the whistling and all.Dil Mein Jaagi sung by Mani is a delightful song tuned like it would play in a ballroom.Duniya and Nayan Tarse with Amit again are instantly catchy tracks with addictive hooks.Hiknaal and Mahi Mennu are standard Punju tracks thrown in to get the adrenaline going adn who else but Labh Janjua to mouth them!!! Shruti Pathak comes back from an exquisite Mar Jaawan to a classical Paayaliya which smacks of Chandramukhi in Devdas.Pardesi has Toshi infusing all his energies to create a crackling song while Ranjhana slows it up considerably.Ek Hulchul Si is a rock song with vocals by Joi Barua.A sad track it features Shilpa Rao  at her husky best.Saali Khushi is for the breakups  since it has the

protaganist in the depths of despair .Yahi Meri Zindagi works because of its

brilliant pacing and breezy singing.It starts off as a Western ballet and

transforms into a  mild classical.Aditi Singhs crooning add to the song

especially her repetition of the title hook had me in raptures.

Now we come to the star of the album-Emosanal Attychaar Braas Band Version.This one needs no intro as it was

and is the raging hit of 09.Lyrics here deserve the special mention earthy

and truthful.I say truthful because thats how a person expresses his anguish.

Though the track puts a smile on your face it has a certain sadness to it

which comes out well in the rock version of the same.

Overall an exceptional album put together with lot of care and attention.

It deserves praise not only for the vocals & music but also the

unconventional lyrics credited to Amithabh Bhattacharya.

It would be an attyachaaaaaar if you miss this one!!!!

My Picks-Emosanal Attyachaar,Yahi Meri Zindagi,Aankh Micholi

My Rating-Four Cheers!!!!