Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi-Critics Flop,Masses’ Hit

by Srikanth Mantravadi

I have always been an ardent watcher of Shah Rukh Khan’s movies.So I was excited when RNBDJ was about to release.As usual the friday arrived and I visited all movie review sites to gather what the critics were saying about the movie.Most of them were intent on pointing out the mistakes in the film-Almost all of them couldn’t digest SRK’s dual role.All of them gave on an average gave a 2 star rating to the picture.Taran Adarsh of indiafm even predicted doom for the movie.Reading them even I felt the movie’s premise to be silly. But somewhere inside me I had this urge to see for myself what Adi and SRK had to offer this time around.

To be truthful after all the trashy reviews I went in to the theatre expecting a mediocre product and to be truthful again I was blown away.Everything right from the technical aspects to the acting part was executed to near perfection.Surinder Sahni(SRK) was brilliant while Raj(SRK again) was cringe worthy which he was supposed to be.Taani(Anushka Sharma) makes a stunning debut-For me she is the real star and soul of the film as she pervades throughout the film. Infact never did I feel the flaws of the film.The background score was evocative and the cinematography blissful.

The quaint earthiness or in simpler terms ‘the smell of the soil when rain drops descend on it’ kind of experience make this a memorable movie.

The critics were as usual proven wrong!!!!