13B-Shankar Ehsaan Loy

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Aasma Odh Kar helmed by Shankar Mahadevan and Chitra works well due to the well nuanced singing.The emphasis specially on the word ‘Aasma Odh Kar’ is delightful.Bade Se Shahar Mein by Karthik is light on the ear and sounds serene.Karthik has a melodious voice which can raise the levels of even a songs with mediocre tunes.Here he is at his melifluous best.Sab Khairiyat Hai sounds bland because it is aided by a tune that resembles a nursery rhyme/christmas carol.The flow of the song is too repetitive for its own good.Not even the spirited vocals save this one from sinking.Except for the catchy hook O Sexy Mama has nothing going for it and sounds stale.The theme track is neat as it is replete with all the music we associate with the thriller genre.It starts pleasantly and peaks into a frenzy.

13B is a good effort by SEL as they bring in much needed melody into the thriller genre.Music in thrillers until now has been loud and tacky and left listeners piqued rather than spooked!!!

My Picks-Aasma Odh Kar

Rating-Two Cheers!!