Aa Dekhen Zara-Pritam,Gourav Dasgupta

by Srikanth Mantravadi

The techno laced title track Aa Dekhen Zara(club version) is foot tapping and groovy though the coquettish female voice is irritating.The lounge version of the same track is adequately engaging.Mohabbat Aapse is breezy and blissful-the ambient sound and the arrangements are pretty neat.But the trouble begins when Pritam &  Gourav turn natty.The standard dips alarmingly.Gazab and Power are both maha boring with a capital M.The tunes are brazen and the lyrics non existent.It is evident that Pritam sticks to the ‘one hit song per film’ formula.The soundtrack touches rock bottom with these two mindless tracks.Rock the party is marginally better than the two, but that is no compliment.The tune is placid and exudes a ‘heard before feeling’.Aa Dekhen Zara begins with a bang and ends with a whimper.Comparisions with Johnny Gaddar are inevitable but considering the quality of this that is way way above.

My Picks-Aa Dekhen Zara(Club Version),Mohabbat Aapse

Rating-One Cheer!