Raaz TMC-Raju Singh,Pranay M Rijia,Gourav Dasgupta,Sharib-Toshi

by Srikanth Mantravadi

I know this is a belated entry, yet I wanted to post this review anyway….

Maahi is a scintillating love ballad-freeflowing and mystique ridden.A good composition it soars and helds forth the listener due to the riveting singing.O Jaana has the thump and ebullience that is unmistakably Pritamesque (hey I coined a new word there!), but has been composed by Raju Singh.KK sings this one with unbridled enthusiasm that infuses much life into the song.The remix is foot tapping.Sonu Nigam croons Soniyo ever so eloquently but the song itself doesn’t reach the heights that are expected of it.The hearfelt remix version is a better alternative as it is more grounded than the throaty Sonu version.Kaisa Yeh Raaz Hai seems to be the title song of the film. It has a haunting allure and flows seamlessly. KK’s subdued vocals are just perfect for a song of this kind. Banda Re seems as if it has been lifted from Kaante or Musafir though that is not the case. Krishna puts his heart and soul into it but the singular tune just doesn’t find resonance.

My Picks-Kaisa Yeh Raaz Hai,Maahi

Rating-Three Cheers!!!