Gulaal-Piyush Mishra

by Srikanth Mantravadi

The OST opens with the aptly titled Aarambh.Conch and trumpets are blown to a create a scintillating effect even as the singer launches into a stirring track.A simple tune aids the track which entirely hinges on the vigourous singing of Rahul Ram and the grandiose orchestration.Aisi Sazaa is a quasi classical piece that is captivating because of the nuanced singing(Shilpa Rao).The orchestration is minimal and leaves a profound impact.Beedo is uncannily similar to Beedi(Omkara) be it the rustic vocals or the lasciviousness it invokes.Yet it manages to retain its sui generisness.A playful song with exuberant lyrics it is very good as long it lasts.Duniya is a reminder of the cruel ways of the world.The singer(Piyush Mishra) renders this powerful song in a heartrending manner.The poignant and thought provoking lyrics elevate the song to a higher level.Raat Ke Musafir is a deadly mixture of gruff vocals and quirky lyrics and creates an eerie effect that is heightened by the minimal instrumentation.The pompous Ranaji akin to EA brings the house down with its singularly kickass lyrics.The seductively bucolic voice of Rekha Bharadwaj who is well versed in this brand of music and the raucous chorus steal the show with their almost Quixotic singing.Sheher is brilliant in the sense that it evokes powerful imagery in the mind of the listener.The voice is edgy and eccentric and almost revels in spelling gloom and doom.The lyrics are outlandish and uncanny.Yaara Maula brings the curtains down on this riveting album.The song is tinged with rock influences and is a pleasant assault on the ears.Overall it concocts a tempetuous atmosphere.

One expects nothing but wackiness from Anurag Kashyap and thats what one is served to in this eclectic soundtrack.Mishra’s sense of sound and lyrics whip up a frenzy of activity.The album works in a phantasmagorical and pyschedelic space.A surreal album that defies norms Gulaal reiterates that Kashyap doesn’t work for the mass populace but caters to the niche who want their movies stirred but not shaken.Gulaal is a logical extension of Dev D,in a way, and a must buy because it is a heady cocktail that gives a hangover that lasts for a long time.

My Rating-4 Cheers!!!!

My Picks-Ranaji,Aisi Sazaa,Sheher