Housefull-Anup Rubens

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Yeh Kaali Kaali is the star of the album with an irresistable flamboyance and attitude.The sound mixing makes it even more interesting. Emaiuntundi is a soft melody that sounds pleasant.Middling yet you wouldn’t mind it.Gicchi Gicchi is latino blended with the 70s cabaret numbers of yore.Has an awkward and gawky beginning but finds its groove eventually.The title track is brutally techno  with discordant and incongruous music.Drab and soporific.Jham Jham Jham has an inventive chorus reminiscent of the 60s.The English interlude is good and except for that it has nothing going for it.Anup Rubens can’t get his oeuvre right even though he delivers a mildly engaging album.So much so for the GTA-esque OST label!!!

My Rating-1 Cheer!

My Pick-Yeh Kaali Kaali