Aloo Chaat-(RDB,Xulfi,Vipin Mishra,Mehfuz Maruf)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Kunal Ganjawala tries hard and almost succeeds in keeping a listless Life Is a Sizzling Aloo Chaat alive.But what really gets on the nerves are the predictable turns of tune and commonplace lyrics-Something you don’t expect from a movie that is so imaginatively titled.The pretentious title track has the dumb lyrics and techno beats that are in vogue these days.Even the Punju flavour is packed into it.I for one don’t like such staple diet though it might find takers.Ufff!! Its an overdose of title tracks.So we are treated to another title track-this time sung by the reliable Kailash Kher.The Chaat here is overcooked and neither are the kiddo elements appealing.The MDs throw in the customary Punjabi track,Boliyaan, replete with rumbunctious vocals and raucous dholaks.Not a Balle Balle at all.A strictly run of the mill track that wears off pretty quickly.If not for the mediocre tracks I would have called Dhadke Jiya middling.But here it sounds like a god sent balm on the ears.Xulfi puts in a fine rendition and thats about it.

Too many promotional tracks and stock tunes mar what could have been a wacky and offbeat experience.The music leaves a bad taste in the mouth!!! In other words Too Many Cooks (read MD’s) spoil the chaat!!!

My Picks-None

My Rating-Two tears!!