EK The Power Of One-(Pritam,DJ Phukan)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

The ominously titled Bang Bang is a shade better than its similarly titled version composed by Sajid-Wajid.What transmutes it from the mundane to magical are the all guns blazing electric guitar interludes.Sambhale is affected by a hackneyed tune and the incessant repeating of the word Sambhale doesn’t work.Sona Lagda is the best song of the soundtrack and surprisingly its not composed by Pritam.DJ Phukan(Ragga Mix of Bhagam Bhagam) takes centrestage composing an innocent and charming track that that is heartwarming even as the rendition by Shashwathi is evocative and saccharine sweet.The track which has been recreated effortlessly by DJ Phukan deserves a listen.Another breezy track comes in the form of Tum Saath Ho sung by Abhijeet and Shreya Ghoshal.Aided by a fustian tune it flows seamlessly.

Ek is a decent soundtrack with atleast two good tracks and a routine hero introduction number.The interesting part is Athadu’s soundtrack (Ek is a remake of the telugu movie Athadu)  had some good music by Mani Sarma and Ek fares comparatively well with it though there is good reason to believe the former is a better product.

My Picks-Sona Lagda,Tum Saath Ho

My Rating-Two Cheers!!