8X10 Tasveer-(Salim-Sulaiman,Neeraj Sridhar&Bohemia)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Neeraj Sridhar composes Aaja Mahi well which has slight indipop influences.The song is pretty neat and the singers especially Sridhar come up with a restrained rendition.Rap interludes are commonplace these days.Done well they add spice and elevate a song a notch higher.Bohemia’s sophomore effort I Got The Picture stutters,trips and finally falls flat on its face.Aimless and scrambled it is neither funky nor catchy.Sheer rap induced drone.Vishal Dadlani shows us why he is the baap of Indian rock music with his pitch perfect rendition in Nazaara Hai.The spirited vocals of Vishal gel well with the mood and theme.Haafiz Khuda and the similarly tuned Kuch Is Tarah are lilting.The staccato staggered pacing of both is captivating and florid.

Tasveer’s score is enigmatic for the bouquet of songs are not just thematic pieces but also include romantic songs.Salim-Sulaiman come up with sublime tunes and just show why they are a consistent lot when it comes to composing.Neeraj Sridhar delivers an assured Aaja Mahi but Bohemia flaters big time in I Got a Picture.

My Picks-Nazaara Hai,Kuch Is Tarah

My Rating-Three Cheers!!!