Billa(Telugu)(Mani Sharma)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Mani Sharma for all his talent remains an enigma.Sometimes the MD comes up with surprises,pleasant ones mind you and sometimes comes up with downright inane tunes that are bland and uninspiring .Even then he remains the most prolific and numero uno MD of the telugu film industry.Now for the review…

Hariloranga Hari is sprightly and pays an ode to the old folk songs of yore.The choice of singers is spot on-Mano,Ranjith & Kannan.Mano is the Bappi Lahiri of south and his sprightly,exuberant vocals suit the song to the T.Makes for a kitshcy listening.Ellora Silpanni is mundane and trite with Mani Sharma refurbishing it age old music.Bommaali is surprisingly bouncy, even though it is hampered by a heard before feel.Majorly works because of its catchy hook and audacious singing.Ney Patasu has a staccato beat that is enticing and is mildly addictive.Mani Sharma gets to do his trademark orchestration and groove going in the two theme songs-My Name Is Billa and Billa(theme song).He strikes gold balancing a mix of crowd pleasing lyrics and cool vocals with his motley mix of arrangements.Uber cool and hip they bind the album together.

My Picks-My Name Is Billa,Billa(theme song)

My Rating- Two Cheers!!