Aanandha Thaandavam(Telugu)(GV Prakash)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

The album starts of with the queer Bangaru Bidda that has Naresh Iyer singing the opening lines in an affected manner but thankfully the song smoothens into a veritable melody.Kalekantini with its classical touches and skillful singing makes it rise above the crowd.Megam Pola in tamil becomes Meghamalle but retains its frenetic pace carried forward by Harish Raghavendra.Meghamalle though has a dated feel to it reminiscent of KV Mahadevan’s musical scores of yore.Neelakasam and Poovune are delightful melodies that warm the heart.The latter especially is an absolute charmer set to a lilting dulcet tune.

Aanandha Thandavam has its heart in the right place and will find its place among good melodies.GV Prakash comes up with an honest and sincere soundtrack that only adds laurels to his curriculam vitae.

My Picks-Neelakasam,Poovune

My Rating-Three Cheers!!!

PS:I found the lyrics downright funny as is the case with dubbed tamil movies.Ah! When will we get some good transliteratists!!!