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Month: April, 2009

Music Review:Kick(SS Taman)

Kick starts of with a bang with the quirky Boss Memory Loss.The qawwali styled track along with the funny lyrics(the beginning has the trademark stamp of Ravi Teja all over it) works big time.The middling Dhim Tana has its orchestration well and truly in place but somehow the entire output seems contrived.Dil Kalaase never lets up its relentless pace and along with some club styled thumping music offsets a somewhat mediocre tune.The Mani Sharmaesque orchestration is the highlight of the song.Gore Gore is the weak link of the OST.The singing is efficient enough but the mundane and oft repeated tune does not find favour.Taman impresses again with the arrangements in I Don’t Want Love but the commonplace singing and lyrics pull it down.The poignant Manase Thadisela though finds resonance and rounds off the OST on a high note.

SS Taman delivers an assortment of nice songs-some fine,some mediocre.One listening helped allay my fears of a washout.Afterall Ravi Teja’s films are not known for their songs.Taman performs admirably in this front ensuring that the film is atleast remembered for two good songs.The title is an enigma though(Kick).

My Picks-Boss Memory Loss,Manase Thadisela

My Rating-Two Cheers!!

Music Review:Boni(Ramana Gogula)

The elegantly composed and sung Arere Chejarinda is dew fresh and euphonious to the ears.The title track has shades(very mild though) of the hit tamil track Taxi Taxi from Sakkarakatti though this one’s a slower version.That takes nothing away from this buoyant track that has only gobbledegook as lyrics.The track though hits the bulls eye because of it’s lively and catchy rhythm.Dibi Dubi Daba is the name of the next song.Yes you read it right it’s Dibi Dubi Daba or whatever.It reuses the tune of the title track to deliver some more of inanery.The staccato Kadantana with a free flowing tune is a breezy listen.Aided with an ebullient tune but nothing else Ma Jatha Kadithe scrapes through.The discordant and screechy vocals are a put off though.The gorgeus Modati Choope Naalona flows seamlessly but wait a minute..We have got a problem here mate.Ramana Gogula’s stylised vocal interludes are pretty avoidable and mar the experience.The dulcet melody of Nammaleni Kalaye Nijama is ear pleasing.The lyrics get too mushy mushy but that’s OK.

Ramana Gogula deserves a pat or two for the out of the box musical arrangements.Some of tunes could have as well descended into mediocrity or the hackneyed category if not for the mint freash orchestration.

My Picks-Arere Chejarinda,Boni

My Rating-Two Cheers!!

Music Review:99(Shamir Tandon,Ashutosh,Roshan Machado,Mahesh Shanker)

The outback’ish Delhi Destiny is a charmer all the way with it’s effervescent and bubbly charm.Soch Mat Dobara is rooted in the sounds of late 70s and 80s.Ok for a listen or two but it dithers from thereon.The swinging What’s Up is assembly line Pritam sound replicated.A lacklustre track best left untouched.Punjab Size is high on energy quotient with Labh Janjua whipping up the passionate Punju sounds to the hilt.A pretty situational and mediocre track.Shaan is in his elements crooning the languorous Kal Ki Tarah.Nothing great to write home about but definitely the one of the better songs of the enterprise.

99 is more of a thematic score with situational songs that would probably look good on screen.

My Picks-Delhi Destiny

PS:After numerous hearings I found Delhi Destiny repetitive and monotonous.That brings the score down.

My Rating-One Tear!

Ages Since Last Post

I know its been quite some time since my last post…The squabble between the producers and the multiplexes does not look like its going to end soon.But there’s hope…I will soon post the reviews of Boni and Kick.Atleast everything seems peaceful on homefront(Telugu)

Things I Wish (Rather Love) to See in IPL

Okay This is not a regular post and since there seams to be a lean season going on for reviewers.(Guys wake up…The multiplex fellows and the producers are striking which means no audio releases…Aamir and SRK did their bit but I think they rather couldn’t pull it off!!! Afterall when it comes to money a person can do anything.Say for example Brendon McCullum moving over to Chennai if offered a few more bucks from the Kolkata Knight Riders!!!).So I write something else to lighten the mood a bit fiercely departing from the sombre and solemn music reviews I do.Let it rip…

*Andrew Symonds and Harbhajan coming face to face in a match and to liven the proceedings a bit one of them taking the initiative to get physical.Ummm that would set off some real fireworks and might even signal the end of one of their careers!!!

*Lalit Modi has proposed two 71/2 minute breaks,ie seven and half for the numerically challenged, to rake in some more moolah by way of advertisements.Hope we get to see someone like Shilpa shutting up and bouncing a bit onstage rather than exhorting her pace bowler to spin it more!!!

*This wish infact would be fulfilled after one viewing of a Kolkata Knight Riders match.Poor chaps the team members would be confused to the core on where to look for instructions!!!

*Can we have more focus on the cheerleaders please.Also replace the Chennai team’s cheergirls they were the least uninspiring of the lot the last time around.Maybe they wanted all the inspiration to flow from their captain(Dhoni who else?).

*This is a wish for the future-Play the next IPL in Switzerland so that SRK can juggle between film shooting and IPL.The soothing climes of Alps might calm down the frayed nerves of Bhajji,Mallu Sreesanth and the Antipodean Symmo.

With those five wishes I take leave and also make a strident appeal to all lovers of the game to watch IPL.It provides the thrills and is far better than the hate spewing speeches on news channels.Spend the seven and half minute break to study if your exams are nearing if not watch the Samsung and LG adverts on TV!!!

Wishing a three cheers for IPL2.

Music Review:Bohemia Da Rap Star(Bohemia)

Bohemia has offlate been scorching the charts with his creations for CC2C and 8X10 Tasveer.The former was interesting and engaging for the sole reason that it was something out of the blue and more so for the unabashed and audacious antics of Akshay Kumar who pulled the track off with downright cheesy lyrics and gawky vocals.Unfortunately I didn’t like the tasveer track as much(See the review of 8X10 Tasveer)

Bohemia Da Rap Star is the latest attempt of Bohemia.Sadly the album is a drab and soporific one.The reasons-

*Bohemia has a voice whose appeal fades very quick.There are some voices you never get tired of(Read KK,Sonu Nigam,Shaan,Kunal etc) while some voices get on the nerves(Read Sukhwinder Singh,Kailash Kher).Add Bohemia to the list.

*Though the rap singer manages well in the music department the tunes and the style gets too repetitive.After two songs you would want to take a break.

*The biggest disadvantage in rap albums is one has to concentrate to the hilt to get a semblance of what the lyrics are.Though it is a generic problem with rap songs it manifests here as well.

Finally I can say that the  album feels like a coagulated egg that is made of the same texture and stuff uniformly.You eat one egg  and you know how it tastes.

My Picks- None

My Rating-One Tear!

PS:I would like to add a PS here for the reason that the review was solely my view about the album.Takers for rap are numerous and it is by no way a discouragement for them.Readers must remember I do not take too well to rap songs!!!

Music Review:Mithrudu(Mani Sharma)

So Mani Sharma is back after his adrenaline pumping effort in Billa with Mithrudu.I review telugu songs with trepidation as these days one can’t tell which one’s going to hit the nadir plumbing new depths on the way.Such has been the erosion of quality in telugu music.Of course  once in a blue moon a stray album manages to engage and surprise as well but they are very few and far.

Mani Sharma starts off predictably in the form of Aakasam using an age old tune but the pleasant vocals and backgrounds more than make up for it. Vijay Yesudas’s voice oh so remniscent to his father’s voice is another factor that works in favour of this song.The lively By Birthe uses a rock template and who better to croon it than Shreya Ghoshal who seems to have the Midas touch.The tune though deserved some better lyrics than the tacky stuff written by Ananth Sriram.Don’t Touch Me starts of with some middle-eastern interludes but pans out to be the typical Mani Sharma number-the kind we have been bored to death of.It somehow reminded of the latino Touch Me (Dhoom 2) number though they bear no resemblences.The mass masala number finally arrives as Jhummandi.Can’t comment much about it because its tune and singing is as stereotyped as it gets.Priyamani ironically the heroine’s name as well redeems the music director(MD) considerably.The racy tune and the effortless singing makes it all the more attractive.Thellavarithey puts the MD back where he was a song ago-in the woods.A listless number.

That makes it 3 average songs and 3 duds for Mani.Also the lyricists need a rap on the back for conjuring hackneyed lyrics that only add to the tedium.Balakrishna’s efforts to revive his sagging career are seeming futile with every passing film coming a cropper at the BO.Make Or Break for him sadly Mani Sharma seems disinterested in the proceedings!!!

My Picks-Priyamani

My Rating-One Cheer!

Movie Review:Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!(Dibakar Banerjee)

I submit to you a belated review of Oye Lucky Lucky Oye.Time is an important element when it comes to a review and one may even venture to say-Review Delayed is Review Denied.Considering my lethargic attributes one must bear with me and my sporadic attempts at movie reviews!

Oye Lucky Lucky Oye is a sketchy autobiographical tale of Lucky a superchor who is as slippery as an oily eel(That was a bad simile I know but an eel came to my mind when I thought of the word slippery).The story takes off in the congested bylanes of Dilli where our young Lucky resides with his papaji(Paresh Rawal Act I) who lives with his mistress.The childhood of Lucky is shot earnestly with a lot of warmth by the director.The brazen nonchalance of Lucky is etched well and comes to the fore in the way he speaks with his father and his spiteful mistress.What makes it all the more charming is the raw innocence of Lucky.Also brought out well are Lucky’s attempts at wooing a girl.To impress his girlfriend he even presents her a greeting card bought from her shop.The only problem is it is a Get Well Soon Card!!!

Soon Lucky transforms into Abhay Deol who takes umbrage under the shady Gogi Bhai(Paresh Rawal Act II) who peddles the wares Lucky steals.The wares range from a Merc to a photoframe.Lucky even steals a doggy! Time passes and Lucky feels he’s getting a raw deal with Gogi bhai.So he starts dealing with a different guy.In between adult Lucky tries his hand at romance with Neetu Chandra with a similar chutzpah.He is forthright and to the point and chases her with a single minded pursuit.She finally falls for him and so do we!

One day Lucky is caught but goddess luck shines on him and he makes his escape with such impunity you will be incredulous.He moves to a new city but is still at his old job-Stealing.Enroute he meets with Paresh Rawal(Act III) who is now a veterinarian by profession but a tyrant at heart.Lucky provides the money for Paresh Rawal so that he can start his own restaurant.Rawal backstabs but Lucky doesn’t resort to violence.In fact never does once Lucky feel bad-even when he is caught.

It is the rustic humour that emanates generously from the heists of Lucky that bind the film together.But beneath the chuckles lies the serious malaise that is indicative of  Lucky’s thieving tendencies.Like every aspiring fellow in the world he too has a dream that of living a life king size.Khulke.His disturbed childhood is fleshed out well.The director also establishes the innocence of Lucky so very nicely that one is instantly in love with him even overlooking the fact that he is a thief.But the fact that Lucky is good human at heart makes him the lovable character.Paresh Rawal leaves an indelible stamp in the film through his various potrayals.It is indeed a masterstroke by the director to let Rawal play all three characters that influnce Lucky the most and who at crucial junctures turn their back on Lucky.The emotional undercurrent weaved into the film’s narrative would appeal to the thinking man while the eccentric escapades of Lucky will have the others clutching at their sides.

Sneha Kanwalkar’s soundtrack is mint fresh considering the assembly line bhangra tracks that are churned out by the minute and are not in the least this rumbunctious.The authentic punjabi flavour that is created in the film traces its roots to the ebullient sounds that Sneha incorporates.

Overall Dibakar Banerjee’s sophomore effort is a kick ass movie that deserves to be watched not only for its comedy but also for its coming of age bravura performances.Remember Abhay Deol delivered the hugely succesful Dev D after this movie.

Rating-Four Cheers!!!!