Music Review:Mithrudu(Mani Sharma)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

So Mani Sharma is back after his adrenaline pumping effort in Billa with Mithrudu.I review telugu songs with trepidation as these days one can’t tell which one’s going to hit the nadir plumbing new depths on the way.Such has been the erosion of quality in telugu music.Of course  once in a blue moon a stray album manages to engage and surprise as well but they are very few and far.

Mani Sharma starts off predictably in the form of Aakasam using an age old tune but the pleasant vocals and backgrounds more than make up for it. Vijay Yesudas’s voice oh so remniscent to his father’s voice is another factor that works in favour of this song.The lively By Birthe uses a rock template and who better to croon it than Shreya Ghoshal who seems to have the Midas touch.The tune though deserved some better lyrics than the tacky stuff written by Ananth Sriram.Don’t Touch Me starts of with some middle-eastern interludes but pans out to be the typical Mani Sharma number-the kind we have been bored to death of.It somehow reminded of the latino Touch Me (Dhoom 2) number though they bear no resemblences.The mass masala number finally arrives as Jhummandi.Can’t comment much about it because its tune and singing is as stereotyped as it gets.Priyamani ironically the heroine’s name as well redeems the music director(MD) considerably.The racy tune and the effortless singing makes it all the more attractive.Thellavarithey puts the MD back where he was a song ago-in the woods.A listless number.

That makes it 3 average songs and 3 duds for Mani.Also the lyricists need a rap on the back for conjuring hackneyed lyrics that only add to the tedium.Balakrishna’s efforts to revive his sagging career are seeming futile with every passing film coming a cropper at the BO.Make Or Break for him sadly Mani Sharma seems disinterested in the proceedings!!!

My Picks-Priyamani

My Rating-One Cheer!