Music Review:Bohemia Da Rap Star(Bohemia)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Bohemia has offlate been scorching the charts with his creations for CC2C and 8X10 Tasveer.The former was interesting and engaging for the sole reason that it was something out of the blue and more so for the unabashed and audacious antics of Akshay Kumar who pulled the track off with downright cheesy lyrics and gawky vocals.Unfortunately I didn’t like the tasveer track as much(See the review of 8X10 Tasveer)

Bohemia Da Rap Star is the latest attempt of Bohemia.Sadly the album is a drab and soporific one.The reasons-

*Bohemia has a voice whose appeal fades very quick.There are some voices you never get tired of(Read KK,Sonu Nigam,Shaan,Kunal etc) while some voices get on the nerves(Read Sukhwinder Singh,Kailash Kher).Add Bohemia to the list.

*Though the rap singer manages well in the music department the tunes and the style gets too repetitive.After two songs you would want to take a break.

*The biggest disadvantage in rap albums is one has to concentrate to the hilt to get a semblance of what the lyrics are.Though it is a generic problem with rap songs it manifests here as well.

Finally I can say that the  album feels like a coagulated egg that is made of the same texture and stuff uniformly.You eat one egg  and you know how it tastes.

My Picks- None

My Rating-One Tear!

PS:I would like to add a PS here for the reason that the review was solely my view about the album.Takers for rap are numerous and it is by no way a discouragement for them.Readers must remember I do not take too well to rap songs!!!