Things I Wish (Rather Love) to See in IPL

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Okay This is not a regular post and since there seams to be a lean season going on for reviewers.(Guys wake up…The multiplex fellows and the producers are striking which means no audio releases…Aamir and SRK did their bit but I think they rather couldn’t pull it off!!! Afterall when it comes to money a person can do anything.Say for example Brendon McCullum moving over to Chennai if offered a few more bucks from the Kolkata Knight Riders!!!).So I write something else to lighten the mood a bit fiercely departing from the sombre and solemn music reviews I do.Let it rip…

*Andrew Symonds and Harbhajan coming face to face in a match and to liven the proceedings a bit one of them taking the initiative to get physical.Ummm that would set off some real fireworks and might even signal the end of one of their careers!!!

*Lalit Modi has proposed two 71/2 minute breaks,ie seven and half for the numerically challenged, to rake in some more moolah by way of advertisements.Hope we get to see someone like Shilpa shutting up and bouncing a bit onstage rather than exhorting her pace bowler to spin it more!!!

*This wish infact would be fulfilled after one viewing of a Kolkata Knight Riders match.Poor chaps the team members would be confused to the core on where to look for instructions!!!

*Can we have more focus on the cheerleaders please.Also replace the Chennai team’s cheergirls they were the least uninspiring of the lot the last time around.Maybe they wanted all the inspiration to flow from their captain(Dhoni who else?).

*This is a wish for the future-Play the next IPL in Switzerland so that SRK can juggle between film shooting and IPL.The soothing climes of Alps might calm down the frayed nerves of Bhajji,Mallu Sreesanth and the Antipodean Symmo.

With those five wishes I take leave and also make a strident appeal to all lovers of the game to watch IPL.It provides the thrills and is far better than the hate spewing speeches on news channels.Spend the seven and half minute break to study if your exams are nearing if not watch the Samsung and LG adverts on TV!!!

Wishing a three cheers for IPL2.