Music Review:99(Shamir Tandon,Ashutosh,Roshan Machado,Mahesh Shanker)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

The outback’ish Delhi Destiny is a charmer all the way with it’s effervescent and bubbly charm.Soch Mat Dobara is rooted in the sounds of late 70s and 80s.Ok for a listen or two but it dithers from thereon.The swinging What’s Up is assembly line Pritam sound replicated.A lacklustre track best left untouched.Punjab Size is high on energy quotient with Labh Janjua whipping up the passionate Punju sounds to the hilt.A pretty situational and mediocre track.Shaan is in his elements crooning the languorous Kal Ki Tarah.Nothing great to write home about but definitely the one of the better songs of the enterprise.

99 is more of a thematic score with situational songs that would probably look good on screen.

My Picks-Delhi Destiny

PS:After numerous hearings I found Delhi Destiny repetitive and monotonous.That brings the score down.

My Rating-One Tear!