Music Review:Boni(Ramana Gogula)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

The elegantly composed and sung Arere Chejarinda is dew fresh and euphonious to the ears.The title track has shades(very mild though) of the hit tamil track Taxi Taxi from Sakkarakatti though this one’s a slower version.That takes nothing away from this buoyant track that has only gobbledegook as lyrics.The track though hits the bulls eye because of it’s lively and catchy rhythm.Dibi Dubi Daba is the name of the next song.Yes you read it right it’s Dibi Dubi Daba or whatever.It reuses the tune of the title track to deliver some more of inanery.The staccato Kadantana with a free flowing tune is a breezy listen.Aided with an ebullient tune but nothing else Ma Jatha Kadithe scrapes through.The discordant and screechy vocals are a put off though.The gorgeus Modati Choope Naalona flows seamlessly but wait a minute..We have got a problem here mate.Ramana Gogula’s stylised vocal interludes are pretty avoidable and mar the experience.The dulcet melody of Nammaleni Kalaye Nijama is ear pleasing.The lyrics get too mushy mushy but that’s OK.

Ramana Gogula deserves a pat or two for the out of the box musical arrangements.Some of tunes could have as well descended into mediocrity or the hackneyed category if not for the mint freash orchestration.

My Picks-Arere Chejarinda,Boni

My Rating-Two Cheers!!