Music Review:Kick(SS Taman)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Kick starts of with a bang with the quirky Boss Memory Loss.The qawwali styled track along with the funny lyrics(the beginning has the trademark stamp of Ravi Teja all over it) works big time.The middling Dhim Tana has its orchestration well and truly in place but somehow the entire output seems contrived.Dil Kalaase never lets up its relentless pace and along with some club styled thumping music offsets a somewhat mediocre tune.The Mani Sharmaesque orchestration is the highlight of the song.Gore Gore is the weak link of the OST.The singing is efficient enough but the mundane and oft repeated tune does not find favour.Taman impresses again with the arrangements in I Don’t Want Love but the commonplace singing and lyrics pull it down.The poignant Manase Thadisela though finds resonance and rounds off the OST on a high note.

SS Taman delivers an assortment of nice songs-some fine,some mediocre.One listening helped allay my fears of a washout.Afterall Ravi Teja’s films are not known for their songs.Taman performs admirably in this front ensuring that the film is atleast remembered for two good songs.The title is an enigma though(Kick).

My Picks-Boss Memory Loss,Manase Thadisela

My Rating-Two Cheers!!