Music Review:Veedokkade(Harris Jeyaraj)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Harris Jeyaraj has a reputation of coming up with some scintillating musical scores and makes a formidable pair along with Surya.Known for his stock carol’esque tunes Jeyaraj gave a wonderful score for Surya’s last film Surya S/O Krishnan.Let’s see how the man fares this time around.

It’s not always difficult to single out an item number,so it doesn’t take lot of brains to conclude that the song Honey Honey is an item number.The creepy voice is downright nerve wracking.Probably Harris wanted to try something new but the effort falls flat.Skip it.Kallu Moosi Yochisthey is better in fact far better.The melancholy tinged song sung by Karthik is serene and velvety.Harris spikes the next song with all his predictably catchy hooks and rhythms to concoct a first rate number.Nene Nene Needhanne is the best song of the OST and there are no second thoughts about it.The BGM of the song is somehow akin to that of a train chugging at 50 kmph! The next number Ooyaayiye Aayiye stunts the soundtrack with its nondescript tune and thoroughly cliched arrangements.May I add that the singing is also lacklustre.The groovy Pela Pela uplifts the OST with its swinging 60s backgrounds and buoyant singing.The choice of Hariharan is surprising considering he sings more balmy tracks.This could as well have been given to Benny Dayal or Karthik and they would have done a good job.But listen to the song once and you’ll know the difference Hariharan brings in with his soulfully husky voice.

Harris Jeyaraj’s Veedokkade(Ayan in tamil) is a platitudinal soundtrack that gets it right most of the times yet stumbling and stuttering sometimes.My grouse stands true even now-When will we get some good lyrics in a dubbed movie.Anandha Thandavam had some nice songs but its lyrics were downright lousy.Its no better with Veedokkade.

My Picks-Nene Nene Needhanne,Pela Pela

My Rating-Two Cheers!!