Music Review:Pistha(Mani Sharma)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

The lively Mandakini with its tacky lyrics and moth eaten tune has no innovation except for probably the usage of a languid guitar in a massy song.Latino guitar riffs pave the way for the lilting and likeable Naa Maharani.Some vibrant arrangements and a dash of effortless singing help this one sparkle.The tune though is mediocre.Note that the opening music of the song is similar to that of My Name Is Billa,though on the slower side.With a routine beat Oka Pelican fails to impress though the techno instrumentation is pretty neat.The idyllic Pattuko Pattuko is fine except for the nagging feeling of hearing to a hackneyed tune.Pidi Pidi is assembly line Mani Sharma at its worst-Everything right from the backgrounds,tune to the arrangements are stale.The customary hero number is a convoluted concoction.

Pistha is a routine soundtrack from the stables of Mani Sharma with placid tunes and staid lyrics.

My Picks- Naa Maharani

My Rating-One Tear!