Books:Q & A(Vikas Swarup)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Q & A adapted into the hugely successful Slumdog Millionaire is what the Americans call a beach read.With its racy narrative that combines some striking vignettes and travails of the poor the book actually never takes itself seriously.This itself is the single biggest flaw in the book.But if one is ready to brush it aside as insignificant then there is a interesting premise and an even more interesting tale to chew on.The book mainly focuses on the personal journey of Ram Mohammed Thomas from his nondescript existence to becoming the winner of Who Will Win A Billion?The storytelling is non-linear and shifts back and forth to reveal how the protagonist is helped by incidents that happened  in his life to answer the questions.

Vikas Swarup manages a stranglehold over the reader right from the start with something or the other happening-a new revelation….a twist..He keeps them coming to leave the reader breathless.The tantalising storytelling is mighty effective since it keeps one guessing as to what   next question be?

Q & A makes it clear right from the start that it is not a literary escapade that would possess beautiful literary phrases or stunning poetic language.If that’s what you are looking for then keep off.

The cinematic appeal of the book is immense and it has rightly been made into a film.Books like this and those written by Michael Crichton(Jurassic Park,Disclosure,Next etc),Dan Brown(Da Vinci Code) among others lend themselves well into a cinema story.

Vikas Swarup makes a spectacular debut with Q&A and exhibits his more than ample story telling skills thrilling and tantalising the reader.An enjoyable read.

My Rating-Three Cheers!!!

PS:I must mention that I hadn’t watched the movie before reading the book.