Music Review:Life In A Metro(Pritam)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

So here’s my first review in pursuance with the Old Is Gold theory.Life In A Metro was the most remarkable and striking album of 2007(atleast for me).The music scene which was languishing till then in mediocre stereotyped sounds of the nasalite received a booster shot with Metro.

The poignant lyrics of Sayeed Quadri lodge themselves into the seamless In Dino sung evocatively by Soham Chakraborty.The singer is to be commended for this is not a easy song to sing for it is replete with nuances and intricacies that add up into a delightful experience.The bewitching use of the harmonica can’t be emphasised more.

Alvida for me epitomises soft rock in India.Encapsulated in a haunting melancholy the song is profoundly moving each and every time I hear it.The electric guitar interludes are the standout of the song-It is rousing to hear inherently India notes play on a wetern instrument and Pritam’s skill is in full flow here.They add to the impetus and stature of the track and are wonderful creations listened to in particular or as a whole.KK is just the right person to handle this song for he has a silken voice that underscores the pain even more.And who can reach the highest notes and yet carry the same velvety voice throughout.Also note how Pritam builds the track to a peak and almost suddenlt brings it to a standstill leaving one breathless like after a bungee jump.

The gruff vocals of James add an entirely new dimension to Alvida Reprise making the pain of heartbreak that much more palpable.

The soft notes of a piano open O Meri Jaan setting the tone for a rock ballad.The tune structure works like wonder here-progressing slowly to a crescendo and then transforming into a lovely hum(OOOO).Pritam and his band are known for adding tuneful nothings to enhance a song’s appeal and they do exactly that with O Meri Jaan.Note the playful and mischievous lyrics are a euphemism for promiscuity.

James stands for gloom be it the depressing Bheegi Bheegi(Gangster) or Rishtey(Life In A Metro).Never have I seen a more forlorn voice.This man can make even a cheerful melody sound like a morose one.So its no wonder the heartrending Rishtey becomes gut wrenching coming from him.

The elegant Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si exudes a warmth that is unmistakable.Pritam is in his elements again embellishing the track with delightful hummings that take the song to a whole new paradigm.Suhail’s efficacy is right up there but even then I prefer the Adnan Sami version any day.Adnan imbues a roly poly infectious energy that I simply love.

Kar Salaam is an ode to the city of Mumbai.Captivating is the word to describe this song.The languorous thump of drums is undoubtedly the highlight of the song while the singers bring in a waft of nonchalant Mumbai flavour into the song.

For me Metro is the definitive album of Pritam though he has delivered many more riveting tracks in other albums simply because as a single a package Life In A Metro never falters.Leave alone falter it excels and therein lies it’s success.

My Rating-Five Cheers!!!!!