Music Review:Gopi Gopika Godavari(Chakri)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Chakri comes with a baggage or rather with the chokers tag.The burly man’s talent was never in question with several gems to his name(Case in point the heart rending Jagamanta Kutumbam Naadi) but his inconsistency has led to a lot of heartburn.Here Chakri has the perfect platform to envision a breezy soundtrack……

Karthik makes a melodious start to Bala Godavari except that is is nothing great.The rhythm is as old as the mountains and the conversationalist style well worn.Sothe song needed something fresh to elevate it to a higher plane which is unsurprisingly lacking.The santoor provides for a soothing backdrop to the gawky Go Go Rye Rye.The ungainly singing of Chakri though is thoroughly unecessary.The way he spells ‘Go Go’ is jarring,maiming a flowery tune that was about to blossom.Unintentionally funny.The altogether muddled Maavidaku is at best rambling and insipid.The lyrics bewilder if not perplex me-How hebetudinous can the music director and lyricist be to amalgamate the lyrics Maavidaku Thoranaale into a fast paced,beat based cadence.To compound the problems a bit further-I found the opening interlude similar to Om Namaste Bolo(Ready) and the intervening interludes akin to Ek Baar(Chirutha?).These might be gratuitous but certainly don’t help make the song any better.With a minimalist tune Nuvvakkadunte is better considering what I have been trudging through.But that’s not saying much,Ain’t it?The staid Sundari is a mediocre effort that fails to raise the bar that is set way too low by Chakri.It’s rasping to hear Madhumita trying hard to imitate Sadhna Sargam.This very stereotype is the archetype of Chakri’s music and proves to be his foible time and again.

After a racy Maska,Chakri succumbs to his old failings.Doesn’t portend well for the film,this.

My Picks-None

My Rating-Two Tears!!