Music Review:Prayanam(Mahesh Shankar)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

I was intrigued to find Vishal Dadlani on the inlay card and a question cropped up.Can he sing telugu without mutilating the pronunciation something the imported hindi singing brethren are (in)famous for?Even today Udit Narayan’s atrocious bordering on blasphemous pronunciation continues to haunt me;Evidently lessons haven’t been learnt.The good thing is Vishal Dadlani is one amongst the many crooning Hey Ya Wow which is made zingy by effusive interludes and catchy choruses;The lyrics are commonplace though.Meghamaa got me by surprise-listen to the song to know why.I stared with incredulity at what my music system was playing.A gorgeous experiment that comes out with flying colours.The MD deserves a pat for drowning me into nostalgia.With fab orchestration juxtaposed against some moody uncut vocals(Is it Mahesh Shankar or Sri Ram Chandra?) Nuvvu Entha shines through brightly.Sadly both Meghamaa and Nuvvu Entha are bit songs both clocking below 3 minutes.

Mahesh Shankar displays a rare efficiency and clarity of composition that has been lacking in telugu OSTs these days.I reviewed this album with trepidation as empirical evidence points that bad music is synonymous with small films.But Mahesh Shankar has got me gobsmacked.This is the the Dasvidanya of telugu-Unsung,Sweet and Compact.

My Picks-Meghamaa,Nuvvu Entha

My Rating-Three Cheers!!!