Music Review:Mallanna(Devi Sri Prasad)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Of late Devi Sri has had middling results.Last year saw his near best in Jalsa and also his near worst in King.With trepidation one looks forward to Mallanna.

Allegro opens with a serene operatic intermezzo and segues chafingly into a pompously bombastic mess.Excuse Me Mr Mallanna is thankfully better with sensuous female vocals (Suchitra) which combine well with the soft techno thumps.Just about passes muster.Ivanne Dupe begins with Vikram belting out all the South Indian dishes there are only to run them down and start praising a Pizza.If inane lyrics ever made a song appealing,this has to be it.Efficiently composed as well.Devi Sri screams in his singularly squeamish voice and we listen enraptured to Mallanna Theme Musiq which turns out to be quite a farce in the end.The folk tune is garish and the vocals obnoxious.The next track Mambo Maamiya makes you feel there is a dog panting beside you which is funny,the song meanwhile is unintentionally funny.Done with the dog we move to the cat.Yes the next track titled Meow Meow takes a bizarre premise for starters and soon descends into a cesspool.Naa Peru Meenakumari is accompanied with odious techno beats made more gross by the raunchy vocals and it doesn’t take long to figure that it’s an item number.The fusion of an old song(can’t remember which one) makes it interesting.Only for one listen though.

With that we come to the end of Devi Sri Prasad’s hideous, bordering on repulsive soundtrack.And he disappoints.Big Time.I think Devi Sri needs to revamp his orchestration for his style of arranging is monolithic in the sense that he only uses those standard techno beats to back up a song which get monotonous after a period of time.

My Rating-Three Tears!!!