Music Review:Oy(Yuvan Shankar Raja)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

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In the dog eat dog world of telugu filmdom Siddharth has gradually created a niche for himself amongst film audiences with his enthusiastic and earnest acting.But more often than not he has contrived to fail, frittering away his energies in vapid movies like Chukkallo Chandrudu and Aata.Time to show Bommarillu and KIKK were not mere flashes in the pan?
Ditto with Yuvan Shankar Raja.A leviathan in the tamil film industry he has often succumbed to speciousness if not spuriousness.This fall in standards can be attributed partly to the high workloads he inflicts on himself.A case of biting of more than he can chew.As a result his harvest has been in a state of precipitous decline.His last four OST’s in tamil Siva Manasula Shakti,Sarvam,Vamanan and Muthirai were not bad.They weren’t good either.It is this complacency that bleeds Yuvan.Can he stem the tide?

Saradaga has Yuvan using one of his stock tunes but to good effect.While Sunidhi adds a dreamy effusiveness to the song Karthik(bless him) is in top form.It is the singers who make the middle of the road tune seem like a breeze.
It’s hard not to revel when Shreya Ghoshal sings Anukoledenadu.Her unbridled, girly way of singing infuses life into even a dead man.Yuvan keeps the backgrounds to a low hum and that draws all the more spotlight towards Shreya’s sprightly rendition.
Oy Oy, the title song, trickles in, in the first 15 secs and then the percussion kicks in just when you were expecting something else.Siddhrath’s bouncy vocals are devoid of his ticklish accent, possibly due to the wondrous advancements in sound recording?The lyrics too sustain the conniption.The female vocal interludes though sound as if they were straight out of a Ramana Gogula composition.The boy band style though is maha catchy.
Seheri unmasks another effulgent aspect of Yuvan-His expertise at conjuring something splendidly catchy out of sheer nothingness.Watch out for the hook lines that are astonishingly infectious.Toshi (I hope it’s not Tochi because if it is I’ll have to call the lawyers) instills waywardness into the proceedings with a calculated carelessness.The peculiar trance like quality is also mesmerizing.
KKs inherently melancholic vocals inject even more poignancy into Waiting For You.Yuvan prudently subdues the backgrounds thus italicizing the vocals.
For me Povaodhe Prema is the crowning glory of the OST.Yuvan’s minimalist tune is lugubrious alright but it is his own singing (my god!) that is heartrendingly plaintive. Look how he rounds off the pallavi straining his tonsils to create the desired impact.Lump in the throat for sure.

Yuvan deserves more than a pat or a brownie point for Oy, for here he showcases what he is capable of-A delectably gratifying aural delight!

My Picks-Povaodhe Prema,Sheheri,Waiting For You

My Rating-Four Cheers!!!!(I’m being lenient here,but I’m overjoyed,So there!)

(Added on May 25):

PS: News reports, especially interviews with the lead actor suggest that he has himself contributed to the OST in the form of a ‘Music Producer’. This capacity according to him is being done for the first time in India. Music Producers are common in the vicinity of Beverly Hills. Way to go Siddharth!