Music Review:Current(Devi Sri Prasad)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Walking through the esplanade that is Devi Sri Prasad’s music one wonders….about the music he has created and more ironically what he could have created.The Music Director made a stunning foray with Manmadhudu when the equally stunning RP Patnaik who at that time was at the height of his prowess was shunted out,allegedly.And just when one thought there was no looking back Devi Sri piled on the misery with ear splitting,melody lacking platitudes.And just when the one thought the end was near Devi Sri redeemed himself with an astonishing Jalsa.Proof enough that talent is not a consideration at all.Since then the story has moved along on similar lines with Devi Sri coming up with innovative ways on how to maul the listener’s eardrums and stupefying him into comatose.

In Current Devi Sri is in modest form exorcising his usual two trashy,two mediocre and one good song formula.The two trashy ones being,Ammayilu Abbayilu and You Are My Love.The two mediocre ones being,Rekkalu and Current.Resurgence and revival are in the offing in the deeply affecting Atu Nuvve Itu Nuvve.

The first two(the trashy ones) typify the music director’s pedestrian oeuvre-fast,inane and over the top.So the less talked about them the more the good. The next two Rekkalu and Current make marginal amends in a sense that the tunes are a marked improvement.The monolithic unidimensional aspect of Devi Sri is he never goes beyond the synth beats to fill in the background.This makes all his songs look seemingly similar.Some nifty polishing with a flamenco guitar or even a key board would have done a world of good. As if to reassure us that he hasn’t completely lost it Devi Sri comes up with a sparkling ditty,Atu Nuvve Itu Nuvve, that surprisingly is devoid of his painful techno stuff.The rueful lyrics and the lamenting violins bear propinquity with the disillusioned vocals of Neha Bhasin.And the end result is a coruscating ode to love.A special mention of Bhasin’s vocals is inevitable.Her redolent rendition and her effortless poise are no doubt laudable but it is her tonal coarseness that evokes poignancy.The dreamy intonation comparable somewhat to Sunidhi Chauhan’s timbre is all the more alluring.Kudos!

Devi Sri shows glimpses of resurrection though it is constrained to only one song.As for the others.They disappoint.Big time.

My Picks-Atu Nuvve Itu Nuvve

My Rating-One Cheer!(This is only because of the plaintive last song!)