Some logic defying stuff

by Srikanth Mantravadi

An interesting phenomenon caught my attention offlate.One week back I posted the music review of Yuvan Shankar Raja’s Oy and within a span of 5 days it has toppled Gulaal’s music review as the highest viewed post on this blog.Why?
Is it due to the fact that my modest blog is slowly creating a space for itself in this big bad cyberworld?
Is it because people have been starved for good music?
Is it the hype surrounding Oy?
Is it the popularity of Yuvan Shankar Raja?But then AR Rahman is even more popular and Delhi 6’s review should have garnered more views.

They say some things defy logic.This must be one of it.The other being the atrociously obscene IPL trophy.The megalomaniacs at BCCI must have thought this way have completely lost it.They thought embedding a few hundred diamonds into an Indian map would look good.Even the Indian map juts out of a panel that is ungainly.Gilchrist must have felt like a loser receiving it.The Rajasthan Royals must be heaving a sigh of relief for not making it this time.Oh and it must be pyrrhic victory for the RC Bangalore.The thing is the trophy resembles a memento (something that is awarded at street end stage plays for best actor,best actress) more than a trophy.
The most atrophical trophy.Ever.