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Month: June, 2009

Frills Thrill!!!(Love Aaj Kal)

The review for Love Aaj Kal has already been posted.For review click here.

Now that we have enjoyed and raved about the music of Love Aaj Kal,it’s time to dig a little deeper to know exactly what made it such a pleasurable experience.Here’s a thought…
Listening to the OST,I couldn’t help but notice the little elegant bells & whistles that made listening to it an engrossing affair.Usually I would have put all this down within a review,but considering it would be too much of a digression I decided to make a separate post out of it.
Pritam,it has been said,has this uncanny knack for producing sound that is delicious to the ears.After all who can forget the evanescent techno sound of Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai or the sui generis electric guitaring in Alvida that gave a contemporary expression to a very Indian sound.
In Love Aaj Kal, Pritam shows off this splendid ability at conjuring scherzos that might as well be remembered as standalone pieces of art.Look no further than Chor Bazaari, where a rather staid tune is uplifted by the eloquent sitar (?)Also notice how a plaintive violin kicks in,providing an emphatic backdrop to Sunidhi in Thoda Thoda Pyaar.The striking guitar riffs at the beginning of Aahun Aahun giving it an enthralling start.Those short bursts of staccato guitar add an indescribable recall value to the song apart from the ingenious use of Kadi Te Hass Bol Ve.Similar is the quantum of effect of KK’s high octave dreaminess in Main Kya Hoon.A dash of techno and synth is all it takes to make an above average sound appear ethereal.Aaj Din Chadheya is the only song where Pritam doesn’t add any particular embellishment though he fills it up to the gills with a lush, vibrant score setting the stage for pied piper Rahat to take centrestage.Finally,the MD brings the house down with the extremely infectious infusion of Tan Dole Mera Man Dole which offers an amazingly kitschy backdrop to Neeraj Sridhar’s verbosity.
Frills Thrill!!!

Music Review:Love Aaj Kal(Pritam)

Pritam,bruised from all the ranting and accusing over a non existent copy(Hai Junoon & Naruri Lelaki) would certainly be hoping for good tidings from this soundtrack, if not to reaffirm his credentials atleast to purge all the bad blood and venom that has consumed much newsprint and internet space.
Here’s a look at Love Aaj Kal’s soundtrack.
Aahun Aahun makes a riveting start what with the dapper guitar riffs and poignant opening by Saleem.But it looses steam after that descending into a more conventional mould and stymied somewhat by Neeraj Sridhar’s been there done that vocals.Meanwhile,Aaj Din Chadheya soars to exalting levels in the magical vocals of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.Soulful and ingenuous at the same time,the rendition sways like a wheat field in a gust of breeze to the sinuous turns of phrase byIrshad Kamil.Meaningful and  accomplished.Pompous bugling and trumpeting not withstanding the placid Chor Bazari is middling and is saved partly by the natty guitar play.The soundtrack gains momentum in the spatial Main Kya Hoon.It is vintage Pritam and KK working up the same intensity of techno sound and magnetic singing that was so bewitching to behold in their earlier forays.Pritam brings the merry and frolic back into the archetype Punjabi celebration number,Thoda Thoda Pyaar.With a tinge of longing and an overarching theme of bonhomie this one’s a winner.The soft whistling and rippling flute sonatas lend an atmospheric backdrop to Yeh Dooriyan which takes flight in the fluid singing of Mohit Chauhan.Twist is an amazingly dance worthy track.It is also a hyper inventive synergy with Tan Dole Mera Man Dole dovetailing perfectly into the potentially combustible mix of mindless rapping,bombastic vocals and likeable inanery like raunak shaunak,dhol dhamaka and what not.Even the queerly sounding raula rappa and mati tappa find a place in the revelry.Insane fun.

I particularly had high expectations from this OST,unreasonable ofcourse but fair enough coming from the pair of Imtiaz Ali-Pritam.Pritam satiates with a deluge of good music that has been absent conspicuously since a long time.

My Picks-Aaj Din Chadheya,Main Kya Hoon,Twist
My Rating-Four Cheers!!!!

PS:A Take on Pritam’s knack for sound.Click Here.

Music Review:Luck(Salim-Sulaiman)

Sukhwinder’s rustic vocals hardselling luck (he urges you to aazma luck) as if it were a commodity we could pick up from the superbazaar is jarring from the lyrical as well as musical standpoint.If only it was aazma lux aazma the song would have been more meaningful and would have passed off like a commercial of Hindustan Unilever.Kudos to the Merchant brothers for showing what they are capable of in Khudaya Ve,an elegant melody that is wistful but never sappy.Salim’s gossamer vocals provide the perfect foil to the loungish tune.Jee Le suffers from a disinteresting tune that is cloaked in a false liveliness.Doesn’t work.The encore of the title track,Aazma Luck(Luck is the Key), is a somewhat better attempt with soft rock backgrounds and sinister vocals.The vileness is upped in Laga Le that is as mysteriously sounding as it’s tune structure which changes colours like a stressed chameleon.The flashiness works briefly even though it’s uninspiring largely.

My Pick-Khudaya Ve
My Rating-One Cheer!

Music Review:Kalavaramaye Madilo(Sharath Vasudevan)

Chitra renders Guru Brahma,especially it’s cathartic finale, with a statuesque poise and reverence deserved by the sloka.The title track works for it’s saccharine sweet mushiness and simplicity while Kari Varadhuni and Sarigari Sarigari are charming music lessons-classical and assured. The overarching jadedness catches up with Neelo Anuvantha. Hariharan’ silken touch raises the bar for O Nene O Nuvvani,the singer singing with vitality and authority.The 90s styled Pallavinchani has Chitra recreating the by now conventional poignancy one was overdosed with in the 90s.Incongruous to today’s times it registers a feeble impact.Tholi Tholi Aaselemo has a staple tune that is stuck in a time warp.
Kalavaramaye Madilo is an earnest attempt towards good music but is too guileless and underwhelming.On an upside it showcases Chitra’s prowess,something we have forgotten these days.

My Pick-O Nene O Nuvvani
My Rating-One Cheer!

Love Aaj Kal Music Review Soon!!!

Got my hands on Pritam’s Love Aaj Kal today.Gave it a listening and lI’m liking what I see.But for the main detailed review one will have to wait till Sunday!!!

Inconvenience regretted!

Review Posted.Click Here

Love Aaj Kal Soundtrack List(For Whatever It’s Worth!!!)

For Music Review Click Here.

Music Director-Pritam Chakraborty

Lyrics-Irshad Kamil(Also wrote for Jab We Met)

Aahun Aahun(Didn’t get the singer for this one)-Neeraj Sridhar

Aaj Din Chadheya-Rahat Fateh Ali Khan(There’s an interesting story behind this song.Apparently in the aftermath of 26/11 Rahat couldn’t get a visa to travel to India and record this song.So Pritam e-mailed him the scratch tune with his vocals on it.Rahat promptly recorded the song and e-mailed it back.Ah! the benefits of technology!)

Chor Bazari-Neeraj Sridhar,Sunidhi Chauhan

Main Kya Hoon-KK

Thoda Thoda Pyaar-Sunidhi Chauhan

Twist-Neeraj Sridhar

Ye Dooriyan-Mohit Chauhan

A Note for all Hot Gas readers…

With my project starting up,I would no longer be able to post reviews as frequently as I have been doing.But I’ll keep posting regularly on Sundays and if times permits even in the intervening periods.So make sure you tune in definitely on Sundays coz there will be a post waiting for you.

PS:The coming Sunday I’ll post the music review of Love Aaj Kal and Luck(if it is released).

Music Review:Shortkut(Shankar Ehsaan Loy)

You must have watched the Nokia ad featuring Priyanka Chopra.Listening to SEL’s latest,especially Kyun Hota Hai Dil Deewana and Mareeze Mohabbat I was in a quandary.Both have these harmless tunes that neither impress nor disappoint.How does one review them?For one who is well versed with the oeuvre of SEL they seem instantly familiar.Those classical nuances,swift banter and quick repartee.One is already intimate with all this and more.My feelings went something like this-Nice…Not Nice….Bad..Not Bad…OK…Not So OK.Finally, I leave the decision to you.One need not feel any equivocation towards Patli Gali though.This one is painfully tacky in all departments.Only a goofball Circuit may save this! SEL,like always, deliver atleast one memorable ditty to cherish and treasure.In this case it is Kal Nau Baje.Tastefully done with the right dose of RD Burman in the orchestration.

Shortkut is an innocuous OST with SEL doing a de rigueur job.The listener can only thank his stars that the enfant terrible duo of Sajid-Wajid weren’t let loose on this one! That would have been quite a mauling!

My Pick-Kal Nau Baje

My Rating-Two Cheers!!

Shorkut Music Review Soon

Will post the review of Shankar Ehsann Loy’s Shortkut, by evening.Stay tuned.

Music Update:Magadheera

At present there is only one telugu album worth looking forward to and that is Magadheera.The music is by MM Keeravani who did a decent job in Gundejhallumandi.The release is on June 28