Music Review:Evaraina Epudaina(Mani Sharma)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Mani Sharma must be a busy man these days what with numerous releases in past few months.This also means his prolific scores are no longer as enticing as they used to be or should be.What has he got in store for us…

The opening guitar riffs of Akasamlo sounded familiar to me, but I couldn’t zero in on any particular source, until I listened to Jaane Kyun from Dostana right after.But thankfully the similarity ends there for the worse.Tippu sounds as if he were on steroids and lyrics only compound the misery.Less bizarre lyrics were seldom written.Malli Malli has an inventive Mani Sharma at the helm.The incremental tune is florid but for the tacky English portions which stick out like weeds in a pond.The hurried pace maybe discomforting but a few listens would unsettle the nerves.Na Manase is tedious and odious.The meandering tune is plain insipid and no amount of bailouts from Mani Sharma- be it infusing sound effects or a lively Ranjith to stir it up.Doesn’t work.The music director makes a stunning come back with Madhurayathana,a slow and rousing number.The dulcet rhythm caps the versatility of the MD also bringing memories of KM Radhakrishna’s gorgeous melodies of Anand.The singing is classical and skillful.Mani Sharma reverts to his old formulaic composing with Varevaa and lands the listener onto terra firma, with a thud.Like a pendulum this album once again swings from bad to good.In the elegantly composed Nelalu Garu,Hemachandra oozes melody with a lilting tune for company.Vanemo Thadisi marks the debut of Varun Sandesh.It flows more like a humming monologue rather than a song.The pace is leisurely and so the singing unhurried.Varun’s singing is better than his acting.But that isn’t saying much.Isn’t it?Rahul Nambiar sings as if his pants were on fire in Nara Naramentilaa.The lyrics are hackneyed.The tune run of the mill.Skip.

Evaraina Epudaina is replete with insipid tunes except for a stary tune like the winsome Madhurayathana.Mani Sharma tries valiantly to embellish and cloak them with good arrangements and orchestration.But a donkey remains a donkey,with or without adornment.

My Rating-Two Cheers!!
My Picks-Madhurayathana,Nelalu Garu