Music Review:Runway(Shamir Tandon)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Tranquil piano notes open the exceptional Khuda Kay Liye.It is a song where everything is perfect-Mustafa Zahid’s stirring vocals,Shabbir Ahmed’s soulful lyrics and Tandon’s transient backgrounds.This song has an overwhelming beauty is irresistible and haunting.Make sure you listen to this one.Sunidhi Chauhan’s voice entrenches itself into Pyaasi Machuriya.Sunidhi is peerless when it comes to songs of this genre and she makes her presence felt-ingurgitating all her latent sensuality into this one.The tune itself though is antiquated and suffers from a heard before feel.Roshan Dil Ka Jahan is a decent love ballad.The all too familiar tune being the sore point.Meanwhile KK manoeuvres the passable Teri Yaad Leke Dil Mein fastidiously using his velvety vocals to good effect.

Runway is essentially a one song album,it being Khuda Kay Liye.But that one song will make your day.

My Pick-Khuda Kay Liye
My Rating-One Cheer!