Music Review:Jashn(Toshi-Sabri,Nouman Javaid,Sandesh Shandilya)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Aaya Re is groovy enough with a catchy hook et al.KK chips in with all his panache but the bassline and tune are strictly run of the mill.Aish Karle starts off on a chintzy note and stays cheesy,the funky arrangements not adding up to a good number.The Bhatts,once again,depend on the Pakistani factor to bail them out-Nouman Javaid’s sonorous vocals pouring life into Dard-e-Tanhai.The serene Main Chala, with an evocative rendition by Javaid again, stands out.The mellow cadence and languorous strumming are apt as are the piquant lyrics.Nazrein Karam has an addictive tune that is exploited to the hilt by Sharib Toshi.KK’s kinetic vocals power through this one with consummate ease.The rollicking number comes out trumps.Sandesh Shandilya’s silken Tere Bin is a complete bamboozler.Seemingly incongruous amidst all the flamboyance, it manages to carve a niche for itself .The demure vocals add to the old world innocence.

The Bhatts pull it off,no doubt about that,but with minor stutters and stops.Mukesh Bhatt calling it their best since Aashiqui is ofcourse gratuitous.

My Picks-Dard-e-Tanhai,Main Chala,Tere Bin

My Rating-Three Cheers!!!