Music Review:Kambakth Ishq(Anu Malik,RDB,Sulaiman Merchant)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Kambakth Ishq is a perfect irony and a moral lesson of sorts.Its music just goes to show why money can’t buy everything.From the day it went on floors the movie had everything going for it-A willing producer splurging big bucks (not the deer), A high voltage star cast comprising of Stallone & Co and A masala story to boot. Something had to break. And it does. Anu Malik’s soundtrack, which is horrendous and archaic at the same time. Here’s a review….

The,by now, stereotyped leitmotif of RDB is re-peddled again in Om Mangalam. And it’s the same old amalgamation of nasal singing, staccato beats and punju pop lyrics. RDB needs a reboot, while this track deserves the boot. Anu Malik steps in to inflict more pain in the title track,Kambakth Ishq. It is more like a Devi Sri number gone haywire-A folk tune indecently ushered into a redundant techno sound-hard to digest.Even a spirited KK fails to enthuse. Then comes Lakh Lakh with a botched up stock tune and something like a truck horn for BGM. Malik sinks further into morass in Bebo. He picks up a tune that sounds like a Bappi Lahiri discard, tinkers with it, and unleashes a clueless Alisha Chinai onto us. The tackily titled, Welcome To Hollywood is just about palatable-The Merchant brothers are strangely out of touch here. A semblance of sanity is restored in the dulcet number,Kyun which is helmed ably by Shaan and Shreya-Anu Malik’s lone success of the album.

Kambakth Ishq is a gauche album that doesn’t deserve a place in your playlist.

My Pick(s)-Kyun

My Rating-Three Tears!!!