Music Review:Kalavaramaye Madilo(Sharath Vasudevan)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Chitra renders Guru Brahma,especially it’s cathartic finale, with a statuesque poise and reverence deserved by the sloka.The title track works for it’s saccharine sweet mushiness and simplicity while Kari Varadhuni and Sarigari Sarigari are charming music lessons-classical and assured. The overarching jadedness catches up with Neelo Anuvantha. Hariharan’ silken touch raises the bar for O Nene O Nuvvani,the singer singing with vitality and authority.The 90s styled Pallavinchani has Chitra recreating the by now conventional poignancy one was overdosed with in the 90s.Incongruous to today’s times it registers a feeble impact.Tholi Tholi Aaselemo has a staple tune that is stuck in a time warp.
Kalavaramaye Madilo is an earnest attempt towards good music but is too guileless and underwhelming.On an upside it showcases Chitra’s prowess,something we have forgotten these days.

My Pick-O Nene O Nuvvani
My Rating-One Cheer!