Music Review:Love Aaj Kal(Pritam)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Pritam,bruised from all the ranting and accusing over a non existent copy(Hai Junoon & Naruri Lelaki) would certainly be hoping for good tidings from this soundtrack, if not to reaffirm his credentials atleast to purge all the bad blood and venom that has consumed much newsprint and internet space.
Here’s a look at Love Aaj Kal’s soundtrack.
Aahun Aahun makes a riveting start what with the dapper guitar riffs and poignant opening by Saleem.But it looses steam after that descending into a more conventional mould and stymied somewhat by Neeraj Sridhar’s been there done that vocals.Meanwhile,Aaj Din Chadheya soars to exalting levels in the magical vocals of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.Soulful and ingenuous at the same time,the rendition sways like a wheat field in a gust of breeze to the sinuous turns of phrase byIrshad Kamil.Meaningful and  accomplished.Pompous bugling and trumpeting not withstanding the placid Chor Bazari is middling and is saved partly by the natty guitar play.The soundtrack gains momentum in the spatial Main Kya Hoon.It is vintage Pritam and KK working up the same intensity of techno sound and magnetic singing that was so bewitching to behold in their earlier forays.Pritam brings the merry and frolic back into the archetype Punjabi celebration number,Thoda Thoda Pyaar.With a tinge of longing and an overarching theme of bonhomie this one’s a winner.The soft whistling and rippling flute sonatas lend an atmospheric backdrop to Yeh Dooriyan which takes flight in the fluid singing of Mohit Chauhan.Twist is an amazingly dance worthy track.It is also a hyper inventive synergy with Tan Dole Mera Man Dole dovetailing perfectly into the potentially combustible mix of mindless rapping,bombastic vocals and likeable inanery like raunak shaunak,dhol dhamaka and what not.Even the queerly sounding raula rappa and mati tappa find a place in the revelry.Insane fun.

I particularly had high expectations from this OST,unreasonable ofcourse but fair enough coming from the pair of Imtiaz Ali-Pritam.Pritam satiates with a deluge of good music that has been absent conspicuously since a long time.

My Picks-Aaj Din Chadheya,Main Kya Hoon,Twist
My Rating-Four Cheers!!!!

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