Music Review:Luck(Salim-Sulaiman)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Sukhwinder’s rustic vocals hardselling luck (he urges you to aazma luck) as if it were a commodity we could pick up from the superbazaar is jarring from the lyrical as well as musical standpoint.If only it was aazma lux aazma the song would have been more meaningful and would have passed off like a commercial of Hindustan Unilever.Kudos to the Merchant brothers for showing what they are capable of in Khudaya Ve,an elegant melody that is wistful but never sappy.Salim’s gossamer vocals provide the perfect foil to the loungish tune.Jee Le suffers from a disinteresting tune that is cloaked in a false liveliness.Doesn’t work.The encore of the title track,Aazma Luck(Luck is the Key), is a somewhat better attempt with soft rock backgrounds and sinister vocals.The vileness is upped in Laga Le that is as mysteriously sounding as it’s tune structure which changes colours like a stressed chameleon.The flashiness works briefly even though it’s uninspiring largely.

My Pick-Khudaya Ve
My Rating-One Cheer!