Music Review:Magadheera(MM Keeravani)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

This is the first album of MM Keeravani that I’m reviewing after setting up this modest blog.And trust me I’m not happy.If there is one music director who has neatly perfected the art of churning out soulful numbers,it is Keeravani.

The very core of Bangaru Kodipetta was the frenetic catchiness which left the listener breathless and panting for more.It never left you waiting for the hook line or cataclysm of birdbrained inaneries,but that is  exactly what this hash of a remix does.You wait for an agonising 2 minutes for the song to start(it drags on for 6 excruciating minutes) and when it does start you only encounter a nutty Ranjith who is so much in awe of the song he is singing that he drifts off aimlessly.Irritating.Dheera Dheera Dheera is passable.It doesn’t add or subtract much from the OST.Jorsey is complete anarchy and guess who reigns over it-Daler Mehendi.Nakosam Nuvvu is,again,exasperating.The done to death tune and irksome cheerfulness are completely ludicrous.The only song that comes out unscathed is Panchadara Bomma.Notwithstanding the somewhat stifled tune that only works in fits and spurts,it is likeable.The final song,Rolling Titles Musiq, is all chatter and no matter.Best left out.

Magadheera the most anticipated movie for obvious reasons suffers from a dyslexic soundtrack.Keeravani is surprisingly listless and hollow.

My Picks-None

My Rating-Three Tears!!!