Shamful Music Release

by Srikanth Mantravadi

You must be wondering about the typo in the heading.Anyway read on and you’ll come to know what I mean…..

Last Sunday,with nothing much to do,I settled down before the TV to idle away.As (bad) luck would have it,one television channel was broadcasting the Magadheera music release function,live.Amused I watched on.Having seen a few music release functions before I knew how this would pan out too.And soon enough the farce started to unravel.The music director who is supposed to be the man in the limelight was relegated to the background while the actor and his family took centrestage.This shoddy treatment befell on MM Keeravani.With the entire entourage of Allu Aravind’s family taking the front rows,the director too was twiddling his thumbs in the background.The shoddy show was visibly unrehearsed.Saying that the telugu actors are bad speakers without scripts is to state the obvious.Each actor trudged onto the stage to utter a few puerilities as to how illustrious Ram Charan was,with Allu Arjun being the most cringeworthy with his supercilious antics.As if this was not enough,in came Ali and Venu Madhav.Being the eternal sycophants that they are,they put on an unrestrained show of servility and rotten humour that one would cry looking at.

Notwithstanding all this,most of the speakers were eager to pronounce the film a success.All of them talked about how good the trailer was and how good a director Rajamouli is.The writer of the film went as far as to compare Rajamouli with Maniratnam.Maybe the invite did not mention that it was a music release function after all and not a post release function,where they usually do all the absurd backpatting.

Unable to digest the pratfall comedy any more I switched channel.Now I’m kicking myself for not doing it  earlier…..