Music Review:Agyaat(Bapi-Tutul,Imran-Vikram)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Sometimes intentions do matter.So when you listen to Agyaat’s soundtrack not only do you feel let down,miserably, but also feel you have been taken for a ride.In hindsight,I should have realized that I was dealing with a soundtrack of an RGV film-A director who,surprisingly,has scant respect audience sensibilities and even more surprisingly has delivered good music by way of Rangeela and Satya.Names like Bapi-Tutul and Imran-Vikram don’t help either.These guys try hard enough and they are not to blame.It is RGV and UTV who are to blame for assembling an utterly pathetic soundtrack and having the guts to go on and release it.
Any which way,the less said about this album the better.It is the worst of the year in all it’s congregated might.
Agyaat, in a sense, rakes up the larger issue of whether horror movies require a soundtrack in the first place.Well,that I leave it for you.But heed my warning,don’t even wander anywhere near this nincompoop of an album.

My Rating-Four Tears!!!!