Music Review:Teree Sang(Bappi Lahiri,Anu Malik,Sachin-Jigar)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

With  charmingly simple strumming and buoyant(Clinton & Dominique) singing I’ll Be There For You is a nifty little song that you can keep in loop mode while you go about your chores.Not only do Sachin-Jigar compose Morey Saiyan well but also top it with their own inimitable Paki flavoured vocals.The riveting electric guitar and zitar(Niladri Kumar?) that soar beautifully in the interludes reminded me of Pritam’s Alvida(Life In A Metro) which possesed similar guitar flourishes.Meanwhile the composer duo have another winner on their hands in Maula Mila De.Paced and sung well it is one of those songs that would have walked into any OST by Jal.Things slow down considerably in the lovely melody Rab Milya with Jigar’s soulful vocals holding centrestage.Bappi Lahiri’s lousy but thankfully short Miss Baabloo(whatever that means) brings the proceedings to a grinding halt.The argument that Bappi Lahiri is well past his sell by date only gains traction with this imbecile effort.Somebody rein him in before he commits more crimes against humanity.Anu Malik’s Chal Mera Haath Pakad Le with pedestrian orchestration and affected vocals only exasperates.Sachin-Jigar pull back the track from abyss through the leisurely Leja Leja.Saleems holds forth with consummate ease while Jahnvi’s delicate like a beanstalk voice impresses.Though Anu Malik has lifted many a song in his composing career one can’t just fathom why he would lift the riffs of the more than popular Paathshaala(Rang De Basanti;AR Rahman) track.Considering this,one can’t even attribute it to mere fortuity as Mr Malik must have been living in a cave if he says he hasn’t listened Rahman’s almost anthemesque Masti Ki Paathshaala.Fortunately the similarities end at the beginning while the track caves in rather miserably.By the way it even has Malik himself doing a chintzy rap monologue aided suitably by some cheesy lyrics by,who else, Sameer.Coming from Bappi Da,Tere Bin is unbelievably good.This is the only song from Bappi Lahiri in the recent future that can be listened to more than once without getting a splitting headache.

While the veterans fail rather miserably,it is the composer duo of Sachin-Jigar who perform stupendously well.For debutants,they have an impressive oeuvre already.Take a bow Sachin-Jigar.

My Picks- Morey Saiyan,I’ll Be There For You

My Rating-Three Cheers!!!