Movie Review:Oy!(Anand Ranga)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

It is not always the incremental unravelling of the plot that arrests the viewer’s attention.It is rather the development or treatment of the narrative that brings a movie to fruition.Included amongst the mix are performances by the lead and supporting casts,music,photography,locales et al.So when I went to watch Anand Ranga’s Oy,it was with a desire not so much as to decipher the storyline but as to the treatment lent to the plot.Having read a dozen reviews of the movie the story was already laid out as clearly like in a crystal gazer.The tepid reviews were not so very encouraging but I reassured myself that at worst I would have the 30 minutes of Yuvan’s music to sustain myself on.In the end,going with minimum expectations was not such a bad idea as I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.Yes the film had minor inconsistencies and blemishes but drawing attention to each one of these would be like deconstructing a rose,which is beautiful as a whole i.e. until you come across the thorns.Also it is ostensibly Anand Ranga’s tribute to Erich Segal’s Love Story as is mentioned in the opening credits.

Uday(played by the wondrously endowed Siddharth) and Sandhya(earnestly played by Shamilee) are as different as chalk and cheese as their names allude to.So while Uday is a prodigal with profligate manners Shamilee is too mature for her age already making her retirement plans etc.Thair paths criss-cross,as is the wont,during a New Year cum BDay bash(Uday’s BDay happens to be on 1 Jan) of Uday.Intrigued by her indifference and passiveness,Uday slowly gets drawn towards her and settles in as her paying guest(Bheemili,Vizag).Now it so happens that unknown to herself,Sandhya is afflicted with cancer which is revealed at a brilliantly imagined sequence towards the interval.The rest of the movie is about how Uday comes to terms with the situation.Udays decides to fulfill all her wishes before she passes away and so the two of them undertake a sojourn through the hinterlands of Uttar Pradesh ,Bihar etc.

Script writing is efficient with some notable dialogues sprinkled all through the film.Cinematography deserves a special mention for imbuing the film with a lot of vibrancy.The travels scenes capture the hindi heartlands in it’s myriad hues but where it shines through most are the stunning dusk shots in Povodhe Prema with the Bheemili beach as backdrop.Never seen a more gorgeous sunset anywhere.Oy scores the most through the stupendous audio score by Yuvan,songs and BGM included.Lyrics for most part are good while verses such as-

Vekuva lo sandhya valipotonde,cheekatilo udayamundi poyinde… From povodhe prema are remarkable.

Siddharth is phenomenal,mixing boyish impishness(first half) with dignified maturity.He lives the role.Shamilee is not far behing with her sedulous performance,restraining herself aptly.Sunil as the insurance agent is hilarious.The bamma episode albeit interesting in parts is cringeworthy and totally avoidable.

Anand Ranga deserves a pat for crafting such a heartwarming story.Take for example,the exceptional 12 gifts scene a perfect follow through to the Hitchcockian tradition of film-making.Gut wreching is the word,for in both the instances you augur something ominous about to happen.And sure it does happen.That is a classic example on how to milk audience emotions.Also watch how the song I’m Waiting For You Baby is so beautifully integrated into the scheme of things.It’s a song that is apparently placed to depict the joy of the protaganist at being accepted by his lover and yet it has this overarching pangs of pain(The heroine is being diagnosed with cancer).Brilliant choreographed as well.Anand Ranga,Take a bow for handing out such a wonderful film.

My Rating-Three Cheers!!!

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