Music Review:Josh(Sandeep Chowta)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Diridiri Diridi in typical Chowta style assiduously strikes a balance between grungy vocals,blaring techno and short shrifts of electronica.Beginning rather promisingly it looses it’s way petering out meekly in the unpunchy hook lines.Sirivennela who is ordinary throughout manages satingly cheesy verses like-

Mana force crime avutundaa,Bofors laaga….

The too generic a tune of Neetho Vunte spoils the show bogging it down.Even Karthik’s sprightly vocals sound laboured.Aawara Hawa is the other rotten apple-loud,shrill and disinteresting.Marginally better,Bad Bad Boy is let down by it’s trite hook line and assembly line packaging.Chowta though redeems himself in the melodiously structured Evvariki.It’s problem though is the presence of non telugu singers who mar the show through their cringe inducing enunciations.So the word raagam(symphony) becomes rogam(disease) in Ujjaini’s mushy vocals.The lively College Bulloda is just the right song to break into an impromptu jig.The killer though are the ambiguous two lines at the end.Queer! Sung in ostensibly mock tones,the bit songs are,at once,likeable the best being the hilarious Me Me Meka.

Sandeep Chowta’s Josh is largely underwhelming something not associated with the man.

My Pick-Evvariki

My Rating-One Tear!