Music Review:Phir Kabhi(Shantanu Moitra)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Bhai Re is probably the one song that evokes the strongest sense of déjà vu in this entire OST.It’s cadence-so remarkably similar to that of Kaisi Paheli Zindagani that you wonder how happy Vidhu Vinod Chopra would have been had it been composed for Parineeta.Having said that,Shreya Ghoshal sounds as trippy as ever and If not for the nagging sensation of overfamiliarity,this would have probably ranked higher up in my pecking order.Moitra attempts something different in Dekhoji Dekho.The tune isn’t exactly new per se but it is an unchartered path for the MD.It is passable as long as it lasts.(Apologies for the mistake;Dildara is a song from the OST Welcome To Sajjanpur and is not a part of Phir Kabhi OST)Same is the case with Dildara,though it is immensely benefited by Sonu Nigam’s expressive vocals that lavish an extra nuance or two on every lyric they chance upon.Moitra triumphs more than ever in composing the almost ethereal Jheeni Jheeni.A song for the late evenings if not for damp ones,the song has certain striking qualities that make it eminently listenable-like the Indianising of what is essentially symphonies of ball room music and couching it in a dreamy innocence-Something the song also acquires through Hamsika’s dainty rendition.In light of this,the title track’s not too wise attempts at silliness didn’t wash with me.The wordplay is indeed appreciable but somehow the sum doesn’t satisfy.

Phir Kabhi’s soundtrack has all that we have come to expect from Shantanu Moitra-simple tunes,mellow yet freewheeling orchestration and all of it wrapped in saccharine sweet mushiness.A caveat though-Savour it at leisure lest you might call it a drudge.

My Picks-Jheeni Jheeni
My Rating-Two Cheers!!

PS:The Album also comes with a few songs from Moitra’s previous OST’s like Welcome To Sajjanpur and Lage Raho Munnabhai.Hence the mistake of reviewing Dildara from Sajjanpur as well.