Music Review:Anjaneyulu(SS Thaman)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Frankly,come to think of it-What do you expect from the OST of a Ravi Teja(RT) starrer?An album full of massy numbers with mind-numbing thump might be a close answer(Your answers like always are welcome!).Understatement and subtlety are definitely not what you look for in a soundtrack for RT’s movies.Considering this,Anjaneyulu’s music works,but musically it is hardly memorable and holds little appeal.

The trend of bandying divinity for a few catchy thrills continues in Dil Se Bolo with a persistent ram naam leavened in techno-In fact it is the very thing that works in this entire song for the rest is really mundane.The tune of the sentimental Nuvve Kantapadanante can at best be termed formulaic but it is SP Balu’s sonorous vocals that pour lifeblood into it,reminding us of all the glorious songs he has sung in the past.Olammy and Anjali are exactly the kind of songs I was referring to earlier(Though they are much toned down and sensitised,atleast in orchestration and are not as saturated with dhol beats like a few songs from RT’s previous movies)-equipped with frenetic singing and gibberish lyrics to boot.Yem Vayaso merely scrapes through what with cliches galore,especially the singing.

My Picks-None(If you are senti kind go for Nuvve Kantapadanante)

My Rating-Two Tears!!