Music Review:Adavi(Bapi-Tutul;Imran-Vikram)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

You ‘Can’ Escape The (Un)Known…

Apologies for the corny beginning,but well that’s what I felt after listening to RGV’s latest supposed to induce heeby jeeby soundtrack.Jokes apart,the less talked about the OST,the better.The songs are no good and the theme pieces in a meek attempt to conjure some cheap chills & thrills end up as laughable shmuck.Forget it!

And to sum it all up in the very words of Agyaat’s cringeworthy tagline-

If You Can Hear it,RUN

If You Can See It,RUN

If You Have A Body,RUN as well

Oh! And indulging myself in trashing this album,I almost forgot to give it a rating.So there!

My Rating-Four Tears!!!!

Here’s a link for the review of the Hindi OST(Agyaat).