Music Review-Ruslaan(Raeess Jamal Khan)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Talk about bolts from the blue.On the face of it Ruslaan appears to be one of those innocuous albums that appear and disappear even before one takes notice.But the fact is that many of such obscure OSTs really deserve a better acceptance if not appreciation.

The OST opens with the zestful Har Ek Lamhe what with the imaginative fusion of classical Indian and zingy Western percussion rhythms.Javed Ali is also a fresh departure from the usual KK fixation(No way denigrating the man) and he traverses the nuances with admirable ease.It is an incongruous listen in the beginning when the commingling sound comes across as jarring,but do go through the entire song and you might,just as well,find yourself a good song to savour upon.Maula Maula,which will inevitably be bracketed as a sufi song, takes wings in the accomplished vocals of Master Saleem.The man is evidently gifted as is seen from his subtle and skillful changes of inflection and timbre.(Saleem is equally brilliant in Teri Sajni and the Kadi Te Hass Bol Ve bit in LAK.For the junkies though it has to be the monotonously dry Maa Da Ladla).Hariharan and Sadhna Sargam make listening to Pyar Ki Parsayee an immensely edifying experience.Both,adroit in their craft bring a certain impetus and,to borrow a phrase from Joginder Tuteja, thehrav to the track.

Ruslaan,in the end, is a deeply rewarding soundtrack for those who care to dig into the uncut gems it has on offer.

My Picks-Har Ek Lamha

My Rating-Three Cheers!!!