Music Review:Fox(Monty Sharma)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

First up,a trivial comment I can’t help but make and,also, something all of you must have noticed;This movie has a,rather,queer title-A title that one would sprobably attribute to a *Los Angeles* big budget action flick *ing Matt Damon,Brad Pitt,George Clooney or any one of these….Moving on from trifles to the matter on hand:Fox has a pretty mediocre score with none of the songs particularly leaping out to hold attention.Akruti Kakkar is one singer whose vocals I have come to adore in recent times what with Mohabbat Aapse still finding a place in my playlist.Her gossamer husky vocals sit well on the sensuous number Jashn Jashn but if only the tune was more exciting and less generic.Yaadein,sung by KK, is somewhat of a throwback to those frenetic,techno laced songs the singer used to thrive on.Evidently,it has shades of Door Se Paas and Zahreeli Raatein.Peppy but not memorable.Sung by Kunal Ganjawala and Sunidhi Chauhan,Josh Josh,is quotidian stuff with the energetic backgrounds only camouflaging a very vanilla track.Advocate Dasatan is no great shakes either.The curious title and the ominous score notwithstanding it is,well,a corny track.Kunal Ganjawala’s special ability to ring in those subtle variations while rendering a song transform Zindagi into a ballet of overflowing goodiness and cheer.

My Picks-None

My Rating-One Tear!