Music Review:Wanted(Sajid-Wajid)

by Srikanth Mantravadi

Surely there must have been a mistake.Or else,how would you explain the persisting presence of the composer duo Sajid-Wajid whose single point agenda probably resembles this:Blast the living daylights of people through loud,uncouth and abominable music.Did someone say Salman Khan?Never has anyone producing so annoying a yield survived in the industry for so long,so in a sense you have got to commend them for not only hanging on but also for thriving.Wanted is the silliest and dumbest(This is one soundtrack that warrants an excessive use of extreme adjectives in a negative sense) of OSTs I have encountered(Yes it is at par with Agyaat,if not worse).Agreed this is the kind of blaring music that works in a guns & gore flick like Wanted,but the problem is even the romantic numbers which are supposed to be wee bit likeable come across as a bedlam of disonance.Even the somewhat toned down of the numbers Dil Leke is orchestrated so dryly and is wrapped in so moth eaten a tune,it is galling.And the Ippatikinka Naa Vayasu number from Pokiri,which was partly bearable for it’s unabashedly corny lyrics,mutates into a queer mix of reggae and middle eastern in this album(Le Le Mazaa Le).Ishq Vishq has a dash of hip hop thrown in for good measure but also thrown in is some grating load of gibberish and overly technoified vocals(terrible).Wajid wrecks havoc in the remaining pieces,Jalwa(chafingly servile hero worship number),Love Me Love Me(monotonous and dim-witted) and Tose Pyar Karte Hai(another dull as dishwater song).And as if this wasn’t sufficient to bleed a man’s ears,Salman Khan puts in an appearance in the clamorous Most Wanted Track that is filled with so chintzy a music,it’s downright laughable.This is the second time Khan has decided to appropriate an entire track for himself.The first was in Yuvvraaj where he rendered in his sui generis affected and faux accent a few vapid lines,with Beethoven’s fifth symphony for company,to dreadful affect.It’s time someone told him.

My Picks-Are you kidding?

My Rating-Four Tears!!!!

PS:Compared to this I would take Mani’s Pokiri score any day.